Tiny Iron started his vision to transform himself into a super human living version of the Incredible Hulk from a young age. He quickly became our modern day Mr T with the ability to charm and shock people everywhere he traveled.

Tiny Iron started to build his body in proportion to a super hero when he joined the Bodyworks gym and within a few years became one of the most recognised individuals ever seen.

Soon after he started a security business looking after A-list superstars such as jay-z, 50cent, Beyonce, Black eye peas, just to name a few. Knowing a lot of celebrities from the Hollywood industry, actor Vinny Jones offered him a movie role that changed his life, and from that moment Tiny’s career has snowballed into various multi talented roles.




Tiny has gone from strength to strength ever since making a cameo in rap star 50cents music video.

Catching on to the trend, other UK artists such as Lethal Bizzle have used him as their iconic figure in their videos. He also starred with brit actors Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan and was alongside rap star 50Cent in movie Deadman Running.

Tiny has also appeared in Hollywood movies, Deadman Running was a iconic role, which starred brit actors Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan and teamed up again with rap star 50Cent.





The dedication in the gym was starting to pay off not only financially also global. In 2010 Tiny was crowned Britain’s biggest biceps by Americas very own ‘Ripley Believe It Or Not’ that had taken place in London were the smallest man in the world joined Tiny in front of the world media.

Tiny now has used his fame and size to start a wrestling career travelling all across the world entertaining the young and old and even has his own computer game and action figurine. Sponsorship deals, promotion, guest appearances all quickly followed…

In the words of Tiny Iron ‘GET HENCH OR DIE TRYING!!!’

JAY-Z –most definitely has the power to succeed

RIHANA- oh my god!! wow was my first words… his looks can be deceiving such a sweet guy